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Provided on each print published by Paul Sawyier Galleries. (Not necessarily provided on prints not published by Paul Sawyier Galleries).

The purpose of the authentication is that 1.) the print is limited in its edition and will not be reproduced again as a limited edition art print, 2.) the photographic plates have been destroyed, and 3.) provide information about the original painting. More current authentications provide more detailed information about the original and any historical information about the scene, painting, or ownership. Further, a brief biography about Paul Sawyier has been added.

When an image is selected for reproduction as an art print, it is now photographed by digital camera, and color corrected by computer to most match the original. Color printing plates are created and the image is printed in the most permanent inks available on a lithography machine. The paper used is acid free and has a 25% rag content. This total process is known as “photo-mechanical lithography”.

Paul Sawyier did not name his paintings. Paul Sawyier Galleries selects the name of the image, as reflected by what is represented in the image, or what might have been written on the back of the image.